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Client's feedbacks

We post our client's feedbacks. We respect our client to improve our consulting quality.

Client's feedbacks

  • L company

    Sales company (General manager of the sales department)

    The other consulting service pointed out what the defects was. But they did not guide the improvement.
    Some of the consultant service taught us the detail setup how to adjust the defects.
    The Lent revealed the cause why the defects was provoked. Through the discussion with the front-line stuff, The Lent resolved the bedrock issue.

  • M company

    Manufacture (Director of the production division)

    We had the difficulty to plan the antidote by the other consultant advice which was irrelevant issues about the production site.
    The Lente pointed out the shop floor conditions which disturbed the proper operation. The advice was directly jointed the improvement actions. Our own people plotted flowcharts tracing their movements to spot wasting motion, and then came up with suggestions.

  • N company

    Sales and Manufacture (Oversea affiliate company Administrative manager)

    The Lente is unique for its verifying process. The process data has been checked by the daily site practice. Its audit cross-checks the data at other process. The gap is attested fraud or mistakes asking concerned managers of procurement, production, shipment and sales. Its audit has enough persuasion for them to point the way to adjust their management.