Lente for your Internal Audit, seasoned service for fostering your employee through the domestic and oversea dispatching and counseling.

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Counselling inquiry


Consulting Service


The Lente shall rate the underlying risk of the daily operation and enhance the productivity of the front-line employee.

  • Rating

    The risk of the illegal, fraud, labor accident-prone operation shall be investigated and rated.

  • Counseling

    The management loss shall be prevented and deterred by the practical surveillance guideline which the Lente shall ocounsel the front-line employee.

  • Counseling

    The Lente shall counsel the potential front-line employee who have experienced the practical lesson for the risk management and high-efficiency job operation. The fostered employee shall value the business of your company.

Oversea client

The Lente shall cover its consulting for not only the domestic but the oversea client.

  • Client

    The Lente shall meet the client needs by its dependable consulting. Especially for the China, Taiwan and Thailand client ,The Lente shall guide the step in the right direction.

  • Collaboration

    The Lente shall liaise with the collaborate office in the region for the client's needs and assist the clients business development.

  • Matching Audit

    We shall meet the client's needs.

    • A survey of the Japanese company in the district
    • A survey for the overseas company which needs collaboration with the Japanese company
    • An audit for the oversea substitute company

Risk consulting and precautions


The Lente shall draw up the surveillance guideline to avoid the fraud.
These cases are the typical symptoms of the fraud.

  • The stock shortage has been frequently reported without any reason or has not been reported.
  • The sales and the return article would increase before and after the settling month periodically.
  • A new supplier has claimed that they are not treated fairy with the competitor.
  • The data for the quality certification to the customers has not been restored.


The Lente shall design the standard job procedure to observe the legal liability.
The management must administrate the legal liability by its monitoring.
These are the typical illegal cases.

  • The sales staff discussed the sales marketing with the competitor at the professional association meeting.
  • A recent replaced purchase staff has neglected the anti-monopoly regulation.
  • The outsourcing firm has submitted your customer list to its client without your permission.
  • The employee has let the contract firm worker assist his job directly under his control.
  • The management has not been concerned with the legal liability of the staff operation.



The front-line employee shall develop the job ability and enhance their morale by our counseling.
At the front-line, the skilled workforce has been decreased by the retirement. The declining birthrate has brought the workforce shortage.

  • The unprompted overtime job without compensation shall be reduced. A time management sense of the front-line employee has to be fostered.
  • The Lente shall counsel the front-line employee to revise the job procedure which shall be adaptable for all the parties concerned instead of the specific individual.
  • The front-line employee shall be satisfied that they can coordinate their own job.
  • The front-line employee shall be collegial for meeting a new challenge head-on.
  • The Lente shall be advisable to save a time-consuming job such as the aimless meetings, documents which are believed inevitable function for the management.