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Consulting steps

You can examine how the Lente will boost your business value by its consulting steps.

The Lente shall offer the seven steps.

  • step1

    Pre-audit format:You shall activate our audit program by your inquires.

    Please ask us for the pre-audit format to the Lente by your e-mail.
    The Lente shall send you the format. Pre-audit shall be the brief questionnaires of your internal control system regulating the origanization,operation and risk of your company.
    Please send back us. Pre-audit shall be charge free. Mail to info@lente-tokyo-office.com.

  • step2

    Risk rating report:The Lente shall study your pre-audit response carefully.

    The Lente shall report you whether your risk management shall be up to par or not.
    The Lente shall promise to keep sensitive to your confidentiality.

  • step3

    Interview:The Lente shall visit and interview you.

    The Lente shall probe your needs during the interview.

  • step4

    Proposals:The Lente shall submit the proposals.

    The Lente shall come up with the consulting plan based on the interview.
    The Lente shall offer you the proposals with the terms of consulting time frame, target and fee.

  • step5

    Contract:The Lente shall contract for you.

    The Lente shall build a consensus based on your priority for the improvement . The contract shall include the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • step6

    The Lente shall implement its consulting.

    The Lente consulting could be acceptable to separate the audit from the counseling.
    The fee and term shall be applied by one-on-one client's needs.

  • step7

    The Lente shall offer the ongoing consulting service.

    The Lente shall be acceptable for the advisor consulting service.
    The Lente shall contend with your business stumbling block with its specialist partner firm.